Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Hikmat philosophers on Reasoning and its degrees    M.Sc.    Haghighi rad, Mohammad    2010-05-18
2    Bodily Ressurrection according to Theologian(Shiite, Mutazelites, Asharites)    M.Sc.    erfanian, maryam    2011-05-17
3    an investigation on the God existence argumentations in Quran    M.Sc.    MOINADDINI, FATEME    2011-09-29
4    Identify of Islamic Philosophy and it`s Purpose    M.Sc.    MOUSSAVIKHATTAT, TAHEREH    2012-09-21
5    Relevance of Mysticism and Sharia    M.Sc.    Ghorbani rezvan, Akram    2012-11-13
6    trust of God in philosophy, theology, spirituality and traditions    M.Sc.    khadmipour, fahime    2012-12-11
7    Eternity of islam riligion    M.Sc.    AbasNejad, Mahin    2013-06-13
8    Analysis of theistic reasons in abuhamzeh prayer and jame,e kabireh pilgrimage    M.Sc.    hatami yazd, azadeh    2014-01-07
9    The influence of love and cordiality to prophet's family in the evolutinal travelling of human in the intellect and tradision view    M.Sc.    Sadat fatemi, Fatemeh Sadat    2014-04-29
10    Philosophical, theological and mystical explanation of the holy saying    M.Sc.    javareshkian, zahra    2014-05-06
11    The Emergence of the Multiple from the One according to Ibnsina,Sohrevardi,and Mulla Sadra    M.Sc.    rostami, ali    2014-09-16
12    Love from the view of mysticism and philosophy    M.Sc.    GHABDIAN, MOHAMMAD    2014-09-16
13    The study of the ways of perfection access in Transcendent philosophy & Emam Ali’s sayings (peace be upon him)    M.Sc.    mahdizadehlotfabadi, elisa    2015-12-22
14    The analisis of the apostasy (Ertedad) of the companions (Sahabe)from the perspective of the Ahl e Sonnah    M.Sc.    rastgoo, rastgoo    2016-10-18